Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Remedy for the Winter Blues

Thursday, February 8, 2007

I don't usually get this personal on this blog, but I wanted to share my remedy for the winter blues with you. Yesterday I went home with a killer headache which lasted all night and kept me home all morning. About mid-morning, I started to feel better and started thinking about cooking. I rummaged in the freezer and discovered a turkey neck and innards left from last Thanksgiving. Ah hah! I thought - I can make soup. Soup turned into gumbo, but the real remedy was what I did with the turkey liver. When I was a child, my grandmother used to make a chicken liver oer'd'oeurve (she called them hors-de-vores, which drove my mother, the French teacher, crazy) which I loved. It was incredibly simple and incredibly delicious. All she did was sautee a diced onion in butter in a little frying pan to which she added the chicken livers, cut up very small, and allowed them to cook very slowly in the butter and the onion, adding just a bit of salt and pepper. This she served on Ritz crackers as the first course in a special holiday meal. So that's what I did with the turkey liver. And it made me feel better. Try it and think of my grandmother. Her name was Jenny.

Here's to daffodills and all the little yellows that are on their way!

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Gina said...

gato25Hi, Jean
Your recipe for the turkey liver is not that different from the very treditional Jewish recipe for good old chopped liver. It's prepared with chicken livers, in much the same way (with lots of golden onions), except they add hard boiled egg. Traditionally it was made with chicken fat, but most people use butter or olive oil now.
This was not one of our family traditions (i.e., not a Sephardic recipe), but I do understand what you mean about the comfort of old family foods.