Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feb 25-29 Programs

Dear Friends,

Just in case you noticed, Here on Earth's entire schedule for last week got scotched or scrambled, all except for Wednesday's program about the Turkish Ban on Head Scarves. We'll hope for better luck this week:

Monday: Ever wonder what it's like to fly the friendly skies over Africa and India? We'll get the skinny from Patrick Smith, who writes a wonderful column, "Ask the Pilot," for

Tuesday: If you're against hope, don't listen to this program! We'll talk with seasoned reporter John Parker who actually wrote an article called "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" for The Economist, detailing the evidence indicating that the world, unexpectedly, is becoming a prosperous and more peaceful place.

Wednesday: Jesus as a Samurai? The Bible re-configured as a Japanese cartoon.

Thursday: I recently spent a delightful Sunday during one of the worst storms of the season buried in The Dancer and the Thief, a bestselling new novel by the great Chilean writer, Antonio Skarmeta, who gave us Il Postino. The plot is set in post-Pinochet's Santiago and revolves around a cast of underworld characters who alternately horrify and charm you.

Friday: The Fortune Cookie Chronicles. You thought fortune cookies were Chinese, right? Think again.

I'm off to Philadelphia for a family reunion this weekend. But I'm sorry I'll miss seeing you at the Open House on Sunday.


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Brian Dunbar said...

If you're against hope, don't listen to this program!

Hooray for optimism. I am by nature a pessimist but ... it feels much better to look on the bright side of things and maintain a sunny outlook.