Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 16-27 Programs

Dear Friends,

Hail, and Farewell, at least for a couple of weeks while I’ll be on vacation with my family. Since love is lovelier the second time around, we hope you’ll enjoy listening to some of our best Here on Earth programs from the past year. We made our choices based in part on your comments and responses. I’ll be back in the saddle on Monday, June 30, starting with a program about the extraordinary transformation that Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands have undergone since being declared a national wilderness preserve.

  • June 16th - (repeat from 4/23/07) – Is Peace A Dirty Word?
  • June 17th - (repeat from 1/29/08) – The Dead Beat: The Art of Obituaries
  • June 18th - (repeat from 4/11/08) – Lila Downs’ Ranchero Music
  • June 19th - (repeat from 6/21/07) – Poetry Circle of the Air: Maxine Kumin (featuring the Excrement Poem)
  • June 20th - (repeat from 5/25/07) – How to Pick a Peach

  • June 23rd - (repeat from 3/25/08) – Young America and the Middle East (featuring Jewish-American journalist Gideon Yago and Iranian-American Reza Aslan)
  • June 24th - (repeat from 7/16/07) – The World Without Us
  • June 25th - (repeat from 5/21/08) - Street Cries from Around the World (starring the ever-amazing Annie Zanzillotto)
  • June 26th - (repeat from 8/23/07) – Edith Piaf and the Street Singers of Paris
  • June 27th - (repeat from 3/21/08) – Yerba Mate
See you on the 30th with a whole new line-up!



Madisonotes said...

I am always enchanted with he topics you choose and the people you interview. You have the touch of humanist and soul person. Today, in the midst of being rather ill, I heard you interview the remarkable Lila Downs. She is a jewel that sparkles rays of heritage, anthropology, and sends her glowing voice to us expressing a range of emotion and story-telling, it is difficult for me to imagine anyone elso doing it better. She is a treasure! I will purchase her albums, and I hope she returns to Madison many times. I speak Spanish--- and had to learn it after the death of my father so I wouldn't lose his 'spirit', so I understand her 'journey' of return to the richness of Mixteca and her wish to celebrate the treasures of all the other languages in Mexico. As she does this, she carries us along with her on a worthwhile adventure of love, mystery, and revelation. I could have listened to the two of you go on for three hours instead of just your limited program. Next time you have her on your show, I will be healthier and will call in. I wanted to share a hearty congratulations to her for bringing alive the wonderful music, the 'soul-singing' of Mexico. My dad was from Argentina, so the tango was in his blood. Frida is one of my great heroines. You did it all for me today, Jean. Thank you! --Marcia Riquelme, DeForest,wi 608-842-0422

Jean Feraca, Here On Earth: Radio Without Borders said...

I loved that program too, Marcia! It's so interesting that you learned Spanish just so you wouldn't lose your father's spirit. Brava! We are planning to do more music programs to coincide with the World Music Festival coming up in September. Hope you can listen.