Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jan 11-15 Programs

Pick of the Week: Lori's pick is Life Behind the Iron Curtain. Here's why.

Jean is coming back on air on Monday. Here's what we producers have prepared for her.

Monday: Life at Dawn. Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light? In Diane Ackerman's latest book, Dawn Light, she asks, Do you see? Do you hear? Do you smell and taste and touch everything the light reveals? What better way to get a fresh start on the new year.

Tuesday: A Journey To Iran's Musical Past. For a talented group of Iranian poets and composers enjoying fame, the Iranian revolution of 1979 extinguished hopes, dreams and careers. After first encountering their silenced music in 2003, singer Monika Jalili turned her career and life around to bring it back to life.

Wednesday: Born to Be Good. Led by Dacher Keltner, the Greater Good Science Center is at the forefront of the positive psychology movement. We hear stories and research from Greater Good magazine and about Keltner's research on the evolution of positive emotions.

Thursday: You Are Not A Gadget. We talk with Jaron Lanier, father of virtual reality, about his new manifesto, You Are Not A Gadget, and why we should not put our technology on a pedestal above our selves.

Friday: A Taste Of Heaven. Ever wondered what food is served in heaven? While we might not find a question to that answer, Madeline Scherb's book, A Taste of Heaven, can give us hints by introducing us to the food prepared and eaten by nuns and monks in monasteries and convents around the world.

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