Friday, June 04, 2010

June 7 - 11 Programs

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jean’s Pick of the Week: Courage and Light: Parker Palmer and Jim Brandenburg talking about burn-out and renewal– the A team, or better, the Yeah team.

I’ll be at a conference organized by the Social Science Research Council which funds our Inside Islam: Dialogue and Debates multi-media series beginning on Wednesday of next week, so we’ve been digging into the Here on Earth archives for some goodies while I’m gone. Meanwhile: Monday, it’s summer reading, and Tuesday, we take a long look at The World Cup super-soccer event about to begin in South Africa.

Monday: Summer Reading Without Borders! Are you looking for a great read to sink your teeth into? Chad Post brings panache to the literature without borders he publishes. He’s eager to share his list of “must reads,” and we’re eager to hear yours as well.

Tuesday: World Cup 2010 - Global Soccer: The World Cup, which starts this weekend, is easily the planet’s biggest global event. If Americans aren’t crazy about soccer yet, the rest of the world certainly is! Why does a simple game have the power to mobilize such a huge part of the world population? We’ll talk with Steven and Harrison Stark, a soccer-fanatic father-and-son team, co-authors of World Cup 2010: The Indispensable Guide to Soccer and Geopolitics.

Wednesday: Finding Beauty in a Broken World: While I was tramping on forced marches through the deserts of Utah last week, Terry Tempest Williams was at large in all the bookstores we visited. The conversation we had about her latest book, Finding Beauty in a Broken World, now out in paperback, was one of my favorite programs of the year.

Thursday: Why Him? Why Her? In honor of June, the wedding month, do tune in for this encore presentation of one of our most popular 2009 programs: “Why Him? Why Her?” with research professor of anthropology Helen Fisher. She answers the question that continues to befuddle humankind: What makes us choose the mates we do?

Friday: Never Trust a Thin Cook: If you’ve been grounded by the vertigo-inducing airfares this summer, join us for the next best thing – a sojourn in Modena (think white truffles, balsamic vinegar, and parmigiano) with Minnesota-based writer, Eric Dregni, author of the delightful and light-hearted memoir, Never Trust a Thin Cook.

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