Friday, April 18, 2008

April 18-25 Programs

Hello Here-on-Earthlings!

I’m heading north again this weekend. Randall Davidson and I will be at the Aaron Bohrod Gallery at UW-Fox Valley for a reception and reading this Friday as part of the Fox Valley Literary Festival. Then it’s off to our studios in Green Bay to do a Here on Earth program on sturgeon caviar, and after that I head south again to Wisconsin Rapids to read on Saturday at the Prairie Chicken Festival, although I’ve never written anything about prairie chickens.

Here’s what’s coming up this week on Here on Earth:

Monday: Chasing the Olympic Torch: 37 arrested in London, chaos in Paris, and Free Tibet banners flying from the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s been a wild ride for the Olympic Torch, and it’s far from over. Should we boycott the games? Joe says this one promises to be “a firecracker.”

Tuesday: Maronite, Coptic, Armenian Orthodox: As we head into Holy Week in the Eastern Orthodox Church, we sample some of the riches of the Eastern Christian liturgies with Andrew Krivak, a former Jesuit, and the author of A Long Retreat.

Wednesday: Here on Earth travels north to celebrate Earth Day at Conserve School in Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin. Our theme: Growing Up Wild: Connecting Kids with the Great Outdoors.

Thursday: The Open Road: The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama: In an age of irony and irreverence, we still have a desire to believe. No one taps into our longing more than the Dalai Lama. Celebrated travel writer Pico Iyer talks about why the Dalai Lama matters and what lies ahead for the spiritual leader, globe trotter and simple monk.

Friday: Did you ever pull up a weed from your garden and think "Hey, that looks good enough to eat!" From dandelions to chickweed to grape leaves, learn how to forage the roadsides and fields with Wildman Steve Brill, America's Best-Known Forager.

I’m out a here!


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K Beckley said...

Funny how the ultra-religious Dalai Lama, who is anti-homosexual and anti-abortion, seems to inspire the most left-leaning segment of our society. Is this simple Orientalism, or something more?