Sunday, May 04, 2008

May 5-9 Programs

Hi Folks!

First off, I apologize for not getting the bulletin out last week, but I hope you enjoyed our live remote from Conserve School up in Land o’ Lakes last Wednesday as much as I did. I was sick as a dog, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Glorious setting in the north woods, great kids that make you feel like there’s hope for the world after all, and amazing teachers like Jeff Rennicke whose story about how he teaches Jack London’s “How to Start a Fire,” was worth the five hour trip.

Here’s what’s in the mix for this coming week:

Monday: Bananas! Have you ever wondered why bananas are so cheap? Since I married a man who grew up in Venezuela, my banana consciousness has been raised, and we’ve both been waiting a long time for a book like Peter Chapman’s Bananas: How the United Fruit Company Shaped the World. It’s an expose of one of the world’s most controversial multinational corporations.

Tuesday: The Story of Yiddish: a gutter language, and an unlikely survivor of the ages, not unlike the Jews themselves, told by Neal Karlen, staff writer for Newsweek and Rolling Stone and a contributor to the New York Times.

Wednesday: 27 Gumballs: an entrepreneurial microfinance scheme created by a group of clever Stanford students who are turning gumballs into cash for the working poor.

Thursday: John Nichols weighs in on the global food crisis.

Friday: What am I When I was in China a few years ago I met a delightful English woman named Suzy Oakes, a world traveler who has eaten the most amazing things all over the world, and created a website to catalog them with 61,000 entries in 256 languages, including Black Foot!

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so NOT cool said...

Hi, Jean.

I wanted to call in today, but I was driving my daughter to her guitar lessons in Madison. While I am far from Jewish, I love to incorporate Yiddish words into my vocabulary; I love the way that they roll off my tongue and pack a punch. One of my favorite is "kibitz". I stumbled on it while trying to find a name for a category on my blog. 'Kibitz' are my opinions, my view on things, my take.

Thanks for another great show!

: Jodi

P.S. I read your book last year and LOVED it. I wish that I could attend your signing at Wollersheim Winery, if I haven't already missed it, but don't know that I can fit it in. Warm regards to you!

Jean Feraca, Here On Earth: Radio Without Borders said...

Hi Jodi! Thank you for your comments. I sure could have used a few more warm bodies on a cold day at Wollersheim's last Saturday. I'm glad you liked the book. Maybe there will be another opportunity for us to meet.

Linda Willcoxon said...

I've been a fan of your's for many years and truly grieved when you left your morning WPR slot. I especially miss your "All About Food" program. I have enjoyed many of your "Here On Earth" shows and have scheduled my Fridays around your food shows. Your show last Friday (May 9)has caused me to rethink my Friday habit. I am referring specifically to a comment early in the program regarding your having seen a live skinned donkey in China. I have not been able to get the image out of my mind and I really wish you had chosen to forego sharing that particular experience.

Foodie said...

Linda--the comment referred to a conger (eel) not a donkey. Not that anybody should approve of skinning a live eel either.