Friday, May 16, 2008

May 19-23 Programs

Dear Here-on-Earthlings,

Here's what's coming up on Here on Earth:

Monday: Colin Tudge, a BBC commentator and the author of 14 books on farming, food, and ecology, argues in Feeding People is Easy, that we can solve the global food crisis by reverting to small farming practices.

Tuesday: Meet two heroic women who have transformed their war trauma into a force for truth and healing.

Wednesday: We are still working on it.

Thursday: People all over the world read and write science fiction. What do they have in common? Jean Feraca talks with a science fiction buff participating in this year's International Science Fiction Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.

Friday: Whad'a they have that we ain't got? Barry Levinson, the founder of the Mustard Museum in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, reports on his recent mustard-tasting tour of Dijon, France.

Have a great weekend!


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