Sunday, February 01, 2009

Feb 2-6 Programs

Here's what's coming up in the first week of February.

Monday: Elegant, heart-filled and mysterious, Mariachi music has travelled a long road from working-class Mexico to concert stages worldwide. Join Veronica Rueckert and her guests to uncover Mariachi's history and celebrate its best recordings.

Tuesday: Roy Bourgeois is a an American priest in the Maryknoll order of the Roman Catholic Church and founder of the human rights group SOA (School of the Americas) who’s facing excommunication by the Vatican for participating in a ceremony it considers illicit and invalid: the ordination of a woman. Meanwhile, the American Church is so short of priests it’s been forced to import them from Africa.

Wednesday: Japan’s Soft Power: Japan is quietly emerging as a global trendsetter in pop culture, as well as in green technology and environmental practices.

Thursday: Hidden Lives: The Women of Kandahar: A photojournalist teams up with an Afghan-American to tell the stories of Afghan women living in compounds behind the doors of the women’s quarters.

Friday: Science in the Kitchen: Join Jean with esteemed author Harold McGee, author of On Food and Cooking, and Herve This, the French founder of a new trend he calls "molecular gastronomy."


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Tim in West Bend said...

Today's, Tuesday's show, was just excellent! Fr. Roy is RIGHT on the money, I was raised as about Catholic as you could be short of the semminary. My father was on the way to priesthood when he realized he wanted to have a family. Prior to his death he was working on being a Deacon the closest he could get with out leaving his family. But as with Vatican II, the church made some changes to get out of the Dark ages, yet they did not want to go any further. Now as the numbers are falling fast you would think they could see they needed to continue to change or they will continue the disappearing act their congregations are doing. And your first caller I think it was, showed the problem with the church, and the male pigs that they are. I no longer will enter a Catholic church for any reason. They (the Church) can "Concelebrate" a wedding of a catholic and Lutheran, but they can't accept what he did not because of the religion, but because it was a woman. How sorry it has become.