Friday, February 20, 2009

Feb 23-27 Programs

Our Winter Membership Drive just started today and we’ve put a lot of thought into a special line-up of topics and guests – and prizes! – designed to keep you tuned in:

Monday: Everybody gets a chance to win a state-of-the-art Ipod pre-loaded with some of our best programs when John Nichols joins us to talk about the Israeli elections and help us raise money! Nobody does it quite like John. He turns into a carny barker during Pledge.

Fat Tuesday: Nothin’ like a Mardi Gras party to shake those low down Winter Blues.

Wednesday: MAN ON WIRE! MAN ON WIRE! MAN ON WIRE! Here’s your chance to connect with world famous tightrope walker Philippe Petit who pulled off one of the greatest feats of all time when he walked a tightrope between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. He tells the whole riveting story in the DVD which can be yours for a pledge of support to Here on Earth. I’ve waited a long time for this one.

Thursday: Honeymoon in Tehran: Time magazine correspondent Azadeh Moaveni tells her tale of love and anguish in the Islamic Republic.

Friday: We’re wearing sackcloth and ashes this first food Friday in Lent, looking for a monk who can ladle out some simple wholesome tasty monastery food. Any ideas? Lean fare, but definitely not slim pickings.

I saved a little love leftover from Valentine’s Day – just for you!

Do help us meet those pledge goals and thank you, thank you, always, for all you do!


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