Friday, April 17, 2009

April 20-24 Programs

Jean is sick in the past few days, but we producers are proud to say that all shows are booked for next week.

Monday: Eco-Trip: Ever wonder how that gold ring got to your finger? Eco-adventurer David de Rothschild traveled the world to find the answer for this and other questions on his new TV show, Eco-Trip. It premiers next Tuesday on the Sundance Channel but you can talk with David and Jean Feraca about the true impact of our lifestyle.

Tuesday: Playing For Change: Mark Johnson and his film crew travelled to four continents to capture the music you’re hearing right now. Musicians from South Africa, New Orleans, Barcelona, India and elsewhere all singing the same song in the film and CD Playing for Change. We posted a link to a moving video clip of "Stand by Me" performed by musicians around the world.

Wednesday: The Greenwashing of Hollywood: Disney’s new movie Earth hits theaters Wednesday. It hopes to follow other nature films like March of the Penguins to box office gold. But are Americans ready to actually save the polar bear, or do we just like watching them on the big screen?

Thursday: Reggaeton: First it took Latin America, then the U.S., and now the world. It’s reggaeton, a music that meets at the crossroads of hip-hop and reggae. Jean Feraca talks to Raquel Rivera who co-edited a book on the subject, and she’ll take us to sweaty Puerto Rican clubs that gave birth to reggaeton.

Friday: Searching for Perfect Pizza: Peter Reinhart, a master bread baker, follows the trail from Italy to the States searching for the perfect pizzas and stories behind them.

Enjoy the spring. See you next week.

Lisa Bu
Web producer

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