Friday, April 24, 2009

April 27 - May 1 Programs

Hi Everybody,

We’re still working on the line-up for next week’s shows, but it’s all fast falling into place:

Monday: With two thirds of Americans supporting investigations into the Bush administration’s use of torture, and 40 percent supporting criminal prosecutions, pressure on President Obama is mounting. The Center for Constitutional Rights is calling for the Attorney General to Appoint a Special Prosecutor. We’ll talk with CCR director Michael Ratner.

Tuesday: Well, it’s debt and evil bankers in Dickens’ Little Dorritt. Check your local listing for updates!

Wednesday: Gamorrah – Roberto Saviano’s expose of the Neopolitan Mafia, the book that shocked the Italian psyche and caused Saviano to go into hiding is now a feature film playing at the Orpheum in Madison. We’ll talk with a husband and wife team who know the scene in Naples firsthand.

Thursday: Prize-winning poet Martín Espada has sometimes been referred to as "the Pablo Neruda of North American authors." As a poet of justice, an advocate for those who remain unheard, Espada's work touches on the unrest of South America and the postcolonial conflict of Puerto Rico, the land of his ancestors.

Friday: If you haven’t yet discovered Vom Fass, (it means “From the Tap”) the German import store that features tastings of oils, vinegars, and now scotch right out of the barrel, you’re in for a treat.

That’s all Folks!


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