Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dec 14-18 Programs

Jean’s Pick of the Week: What’s more fun than talking about lutefisk and baccala? I loved Toni Lydecker’s Christmas Eve Seven Fish Feast From Sicily – it’s even fun to say, and I especially enjoyed horrifying Joe Hardtke, our technical producer, who sent me this message during the show: “Octopus for Christmas? That’s just wrong.”

Monday: Hunting as a Rite of Passage: Does hunting encourage violence or can it teach empathy and compassion? Randall Eaton is a behavioral scientist with an international reputation in wildlife conservation who teaches boys how to hunt in the Native American way. He is the author of From Boys to Men of Heart.

Tuesday: War and Peace: Obama’s Nobel Prize Speech: You might say that President Obama’s pro-war Speech that he gave in Oslo on Thursday was something of a brain-twister. We’re hunting down a rhetorician who can untwist it for us.

Wednesday: American Idol Goes Global: Would it surprise you to learn that there are singing contests in Afghanistan and poetry contests in the United Arab Emirates that look a lot like American Idol? We’ll speak with cultural diplomacy scholar Cynthia Schneider about the universal appeal of talent competitions and how they differ from culture to culture.

Thursday: Painting with Animals: Olly & Suzi, are London-based artist-explorers who have portrayed wild dogs and lions in Tanzania, killer whales in Norway, polar bears and Arctic foxes in Siberia, and many others. The artists collaborate with one another and induce wild creatures to interact with their canvases. Bites, footprints, rips, and slithers are "proof of where they are now,” they say, “but might not be for much longer."

Friday: Let’s call this our annual Christmas Cookie Show. Lori Skelton hosts. I’ll be celebrating my birthday in the Anza Borego desert.

Have a lovely winter wonderland weekend,


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