Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dec 21-25 Programs

Jean’s Pick of the Week: Olly and Susy, hands down. How can you beat two wildlife artists who work as one, paint-praising the tigers who are about to eat them?

Monday: 2009 Parliament of World Religions: On December 3rd, thousands of religious and spiritual leaders and practitioners convened in Melbourne for the 7th gathering of the Parliament of the World’s Religions. We’ll talk to two attendees—one Pagan, the other Muslim—about the visions of Justice, Peace, and sustainability that the Parliament hopes to bring about.

Tuesday: Berlusconi Must Go: An angry Italian threw a statuette at Italy’s Prime Minister this week, breaking his nose and several teeth at the same time that protestors have been calling for his resignation. We’ll take a look behind the headlines and find out why he’s the man Italians either love or loathe.

Wednesday: How Shamans Heal: A long time ago, I traveled to the Amazon for a conference called “Pharmacy From the Rainforest” where I met many native healers including the very remarkable Rosita Arvigo, who had just convened a historic gathering of women healers in Belize. Come to find out, she’s the very same healer that journalist Hope Edelman consulted to cure her daughter of an imaginary friend. turned mean.

Thursday: Christmas in Auschwitz: The great Italian humanist, Primo Levi, much to his surprise, received a package of goodies for Christmas while he was in Auschwitz.

Friday: Christmas Food Rituals: On Dec. 24, la vigilia di Natale, Guissepe Scarlata's family will sit down in their home in Trapani to a seven course fish feast: marinated octopus and squid salad, smoked swordfish and thin slices of cured tuna. And that's just for starters. Join us for Christmas food rituals in Sicily.

I’m on my way to Santa Catalina, the island of romance, romance, yadda dah dah dah dah…..

Lori Skelton will be keeping my chair warm until I return on Tuesday.


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