Friday, October 12, 2007

Oct 15-19 Programs

Dear Here-on-Earthians.

As you know, we are now well-launched into our October pledge drive and I have to say, so far, it’s been a lot of fun. I hope you were listening to Joy Cardin’s 8:00am program when yours truly was the guest, and my new book, I Hear Voices, was the topic. We raised almost $13,000 in one hour, thanks to all of you who called in! And John Nichols did a spectacular job on my program this afternoon, culling 60 pledges, almost half of which were from new members. How wonderful! Almost as heartening as watching the Pete Seeger documentary.

Well, we try hard extra hard to keep you entertained, informed, and amused during these pledge drives because we know all too well how easy it is to tune out. So here’s what’s coming up:

Monday: The Impact of Podcasting: Join me with New York Times multimedia producer Amy O’Leary to find out how podcasting is changing the broadcasting industry. You’ll also meet some Here on Earth podcasters and get a chance to win an eight gigabyte iPod Nano. (whatever that is – for me , this is a steep learning curve).

Tuesday: We found a way to revisit one of our favorite programs from my old talk show: Every Thanksgiving financial counselor Connie Kilmark used to join us to host a program on The Best Gift You Ever Gave, or Received. This year we’re re-introducing it with a Here on Earth twist, Connie and all.

Wednesday: Terry Gross! Terry Gross! Terry Gross! This is your chance to interact with one of NPR’s stars, the veteran host of Fresh Air, and cast your pledge to win a ticket to her presentation at UW Whitewater on Oct. 30.

Thursday: Every once in a while I fall in love with a book. My latest affair is with Sustenance & Desire, a perfectly beautiful book that features all the things I love best in this world: poetry, food, art, all deliciously packaged in a book you’ll want to take to bed. Trust me, you’ll love it too when you meet its creator, an artist who goes by the intriguing name of Bascove. One word.

Friday: Patricia Wells graduated from the University of Wisconsin before taking off for Paris where she has now become a well-known food aficionado. She joins us from Paris with stories, tips and recipes from her latest cookbook.

You see how hard we’ve worked to please you? Won’t you help us to make this pledge drive not only successful, but fun – a real celebration of a invisible community – a great and magical karrass, to paraphrase Kurt Vonnegut, "with a Chinese doctor, and a British queen," and You!


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Dustin and Scott said...

Fantastic job at the Harry W. Schwartz event. It was really a pleasure listening to you read from your beautifully written book and it was great seeing you again. Keep up the amazing work. You can be assured we will always be out there listening. Thanks for a wonderful evening!