Monday, October 29, 2007

Oct 29 - Nov 2 Programs

Dear Friends,

Here’s what’s coming up for the week of Oct. 29 on Here on Earth:

Monday: I’m betting that you’re going to love this program about the Monks of Taize, an ecumenical community of over a hundred brothers living in Burgundy, France, both Catholics and Protestants, from 25 nations. We’ll talk with Brother John, an American, and find out what gives Taize its youth appeal.

Tuesday: An update on the American debate on torture with Michael Ratner, the president of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Wednesday: Frankenstein! Frankenstein! Frankenstein!

Thursday: We’ll talk to Matt Frei, the anchor of the all-new BBC World News America – which, in this case, means North and South!

Food Friday: A very groovy program with the author of a most unusual memoir about food. It’s called Eating As I Go: Scenes From America and Abroad by world traveler and scholar Doris Friedensohn.

Much to chew on!


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Anonymous said...

i am getting tired of news programs being pitched "for american audiences". whenever i am overseas, i find plenty of "world" news programs - bbc world, cnn world edition -- that i am perfectly able to comprehend, and in fact get a lot more out of than the "us editions". all this despite being an american, and labeled as "geographically challenged", "ignorant of the rest of the world", and other pre-conceptions that i find incredibly insulting. hello! we *are* part of the world, last time i checked!