Friday, October 26, 2007

On Launching a Book

Friday, Oct. 23, 2007

Reaping the whirlwind: I Hear Voices became officially available on Sept. 24; the launch was Oct. 4; ever since it's been non-stop radio interviews, newspaper interviews, readings, postings, emails, and travel - this weekend to Door County, next weekend to Denver for the American Italian Historical Association's conference meeting; after that it's San Diego, then the McMillan Library in Wisconsin Rapids, and then the 57th St. Borders in New York City on December11! No wonder I lost my voice in mid-sentence this week. A wild roller-coaster ride - exhilaration one minute; disappointment the next.

The readings have been great - energizing and gratifying. The radio interviews vary - sometimes they miss the name of my program - one guy called it "On Earth" - other times they don't even get the name of the book straight. My favorite interview was with Joy Cardin on the first day of our Pledge Drive - she hit all the hot spots and best of all, let me read lots of passages from the book. Much as I appreciate the wonderful reception the book has been getting here at home, my great hope for it is that it will go national. (Just like my great hope for Here on Earth, come to think of it). I guess I have an "I coulda been a contendah" complex - remember what Marlon Brando mumbled to his brother in On the Waterfront just before Charlie ended up on a meat hook - "Charlie, I coulda been a contendah.."

Attza me!

I'll post some responses next week.

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