Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jan 21-25 Programs

Cari Amici!

(Somehow that sounds better than "Dear Friends," which is usually the way fundraising letters begin).

This week on Here on Earth begins fittingly enough with a tribute to that great American, Martin Luther King, Jr., but I think we've found an unusual way in…

Monday: Join us with the co-founders of Atlanta's International Community School, inspired by the vision of MLK, where American students learn together with immigrants and refugees from 40 countries.

Tuesday: The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, a group of women working to preserve their collective tribal wisdom and pass it on to the next generation before it's all lost. We'll meet two Council members and talk with a journalist whose work has made them famous.

Wednesday: Now here's a twist: Searching for Nebraska in France? Kent Cowgill wrote a book called Back in Time, an account of his nostalgic journey through the countryside of France in search of the rural life and culture of his own native Nebraska. Guess what? He found it!

Thursday: Satish Kumar, the editor of Resurgence Magazine and a great spiritual thinker, is the subject of a BBC4 special broadcast, Earth Pilgrim. He joins us from England to talk about reverential ecology.

Friday: Live from La Crosse, Wisconsin, Join us for special "Food Friday" edition of Here on Earth when I'll be joined by Tim Hall, Cajun chef and Louisiana transplant who will deliver a real Mardi Gras feast, I guarantee!

Lend us your ears, and may the Packers win!


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