Friday, January 25, 2008

Jan 28 - Feb 1 Programs

Dear Here-on-Earthians,

We need each other in this cold weather more than ever, don't we? We've put some extra care into planning this week's programs. Here goes:

Monday: Temple Grandin is considered one of the world's top animal behavior experts. She attributes her understanding of animals in part to her autism, which enables her to "think like an animal." She joins us to talk about her latest book, Animals in Translation.

Tuesday: The Art of the Obit: Two writers of obituaries, one British, one American, team up to tell us what obituaries say about our cultural differences.

Wednesday: Genesis Farm: If the names Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme mean anything to you, you'll relish this opportunity to talk with the founder of Genesis Farm, an Ecological Learning Center located in New Jersey.

Thursday: What happens to our cast-off computers and cell phones? Find out when we talk with Chris Carroll, the author of an article on High-Tech Trash in this month's issue of National Geographic that examines the environmental and health impacts of discarded electronics dumped on places like New Delhi.

Friday: Delizia! Okay, it's not just another excuse for Feraca to talk about Italian food. Think epic history. Think why Mussolini loved risotto, how early pizzas were disgusting , and how pasta really got to Italy. Could an Englishman appointed Commendatore by no less than the president of the Italian Republic not be worth listening to? Join me with John Dickie who doesn't just know about Italian food; he also wrote Cosa Nostra, hailed in Italy as the best book about the Mafia ever written. (Do I sound defensive?)

Tune in, stay warm, and come see me at The Wine Guyz in La Crosse this Saturday, if you can. I'll be reading at noon from Chapter #3, "Get Thee to a Winery," from my memoir, I Hear Voices.


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