Sunday, January 06, 2008

Jan 7-11 Programs

Dear Friends of Here on Earth,

Have you seen Charlie Wilson's War yet? The movie tells the true story of a Texas Congressman who funded a covert war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. We'll be talking about it on Monday's show with the director of the nation's only Afghanistan Studies Institute, and Martin Frost, Charlie Wilson's Congressional peer from Texas.

Tuesday: Northern Ireland: The Latest Tourism Destination! Belfast is in the process of turning its violent history into a tourism attraction. We'll be talking with a columnist for the Boston Globe who's been covering Northern Ireland for 20 years – the sites of bomb blasts and killings are now opportunities for tourist dollars.

Wednesday: Songs of the Holocaust: We're working on a program with recording artist Anne-Sofie von Otter who just released an album of songs from the Terezin concentration camp.

Thursday: As India accelerates its rapid modernization, we take some time to remember that its mythic past is still alive and well in a country where disciples of Lord Shiva still walk barefoot, and dreadlocked holy men speed around on bicycles. Tales from Mythic India told by poet and playwright Kamla Kapur, author of Ganesha Goes to Lunch.

Friday: The program on Japanese food we promised you last week with tips on how to stay slim and healthy in the new year.

I'll be with you on Monday, Veronica will be filling in for me the rest of the week. Don't touch that dial!

All best wishes for the New Year,


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