Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Hidden Lives of Vermont's Mexican Immigrants

Being a third-generation immigrant from an Italian-American family, and raised with a strong ethnic identity, I find myself in sympathy with all new immigrants, but especially those Mexicans who risk their lives and shoulder their losses all because they’re desperate for work. And work is what America has always been about. The jobs the migrant workers do, as we have heard over and over again, are the jobs Americans shun – sixteen hour days mucking out the barns on dairy farms, or picking crops under a blazing sun. My grandfather arrived with a pick and a shovel and became one of the immigrant builders of the great city of New York. B. Amore’s grandfather helped excavate the foundations of Harvard University. They were prepared to make great personal sacrifices for the benefit of their children and future generations of new Americans. Why do we deny the same right and privilege to those who follow in their footsteps?

B. Amore in front of one or her pieces

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