Friday, May 14, 2010

May 17 - 21 Programs

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jean's Pick of the Week: Why The Prophet Muhammad Matters. See our video below!

Monday: Haiti's Artisans: The Comité Artisanal Haitien has been supporting the artisans behind Haitian handicrafts since 1973. Today, the CAH is hoping to rebuild the workshops that were destroyed by the January earthquake and to offer new artisanal products, placing Haitian art at the center of Haiti's recovery. Gisèle Fleurant, CAH Director since 1980, joins us, as does Cheryl Musch, director of international development for SERRV, one of CAH's partner organizations.

Tuesday: Growing Chinese Environmentalism: China’s hunger for energy to power its runaway industrialization has dammed every major river in the country — almost. The Chinese Government has put a moratorium on damming the Nu, or Angry, River after an uproar from China’s burgeoning environmental movement. We’ll talk about what we can and can’t expect from a growing Chinese environmentalism.

Wednesday: Care of the Soul in Medicine: Few experiences throw a person into crisis as illness does, affecting not only the body but the spirit and soul. Yet the current health care system is not structured around these considerations. We'll talk to Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul in Medicine, about his vision for improving health care.

Thursday: Through African Eyes: For centuries, Westerners have created mostly negative images of the African continent and its inhabitants. But we rarely seem to be aware that during all that time, Africans have been looking back at us, producing their own depictions of Europeans. We'll talk to Nii Quarcoopome, curator of the Detroit Institute of Art's current exhibition, Through African Eyes: The European in African Art, 1500 to Present.

Friday: 52 Loaves: How far would you travel for the perfect load of bread? William Alexander tracked the aroma of freshly baked bread from Morocco and France to yeast factories and the New York State Fair, even going so far as to grow his own wheat, all on a quest for the perfect loaf.

We were live in Bayfield, WI today for our Food Friday show - it was a lot of fun!


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