Saturday, August 09, 2008

Aug 11-15 Programs

Dear Friends,

This will be an interesting week. The Here on Earth team is about to about to make the leap into cyberspace! On Wednesday and Thursday we’ll be attending a training seminar that will teach us how to use social networking and other new media tools (Twitter, Face Book, MySpace, etc.) to extend the reach of the program and build an interactive global community. Since I don’t really know anything about all this, we thought we’d start with a program about it on Monday. Lisa found an expert in Australia…

Monday: Mark Pesce, one of the early pioneers in virtual reality, is an expert on the future of technology and the author of The Human Network: Sharing, Knowledge and Power in the 21st Century.

Tuesday: I spent last weekend at the Harwood Institute for Public Innovators in the gorgeous Columbia River Gorge on the border of Washington and Oregon. There I met an extraordinary man -- Jerry White -- who lost his leg from a land mine explosion while camping in Israel 20 years ago. Now he’s the director of Survivorcorps, an organization that works to rehabilitate and empower people all over the world who are victims of the consequences of war. He’s a happy guy, and he loves his work. You may have seen him interviewed recently on Good Morning America.

Wednesday: While we’re in training this week, you’ve be enjoying listening to the incomparable Satish Kumar talk about his walks on the wild side.

Thursday: An American couple with six figure salaries chucks it all to sail into the Wild Blue Yonder and sends back Notes from Patagonia.

Friday: Any ideas? We could use a little help from our friends on a great mid-August food show. Send your suggestions to

And now, on to OutSourcifying!



Anonymous said...

Please tell me, when I can view the movie which was the topic of your show today, Wednesday, August 13th. The movie: Earth Pilgrim:A Year in Darfur. It sounded like a movie I would like to own!

Thank you.

Jean Feraca, Here On Earth: Radio Without Borders said...

You can buy the DVD of Earth Pilgrim: A Year in Dartmoor (not Darfur!) on Amazon (very cheap!) Here's the link:

Just a note: The BBC made this documentary and we're not sure if you can play it on American DVD players. You can also find it on YouTube.