Sunday, August 17, 2008

Aug 18-22 Programs

Hi Guys,

The truth is it's damn hard to program the show in the last half of August –- nothing happening, everybody on vacation, and the mattresses are on the march. But we've managed, nonetheless, to come up with a week’s worth of programs –- almost. For some strange reason, the Food Friday programs which are usually the easiest to book are drawing blanks lately. We'd love to have your suggestions on international cuisines, new food trends, great cooks, unusual cookbooks, memorable kitchen stories, characters, etc. Send your ideas to, or post them on my blog, or on our new producers’ blog. And thank you!

Monday: WERN music host Lori Skelton fills in for me on Monday with a preview of the upcoming World Music Festival (UW-Madison, Sept. 12-14)

Tuesday: The last time John Nichols was on the show he made my jaw drop by suggesting that we do a program about What Bush Got Right. Lo and behold it shows up on the cover of this month’s Newsweek. John gives it a spin by talking about the ways in which Obama and McCain are each likely to follow in Bush’s footsteps.

Wednesday: Now this is a hairbrained idea: Buy a beat up Mercedes and drive it through the Sahara to see what you can get for it on the Third World used car market. But that’s exactly what an allegedly really smart Dutchman set out to do. It’s one of the strangest road trips you’ll ever hear about: From Amsterdam to Ouagadougou -- My Mercedes is (Not) For Sale by Jeroen Van Bergeik.

Thursday: Joe’s been working on a wrap-up program about the Olympics: Here’s the question for the week: Did the Beijing Olympics change your mind about China? How would you rate it as a PR campaign?

Friday: Help! Help! Calling all foodies! Our cupboard of food ideas is bare, and that’s a shame with all this glorious harvest produce pouring into the market.

I’ll be spending the weekend in Aspen, attending a memorial service for a very dear friend.




Kevin said...

Dear Jean, I still like my idea of your speaking with the folks at Fantome Farm about working with goats and making cheese from goat's milk. If that's not practical, how about your speaking with Wisconsin farmer's in general? I bet someone from the university could help set things up and connect you with a lot of interesting folks and stories. What is a day in the life of the family farmer like? How many folks lease property to farm? Let's hear from itinerant workers or the people who need their labor. Or how about the folks who work at chicken processing factories or other food-related buisinesses. Let's celebrate the farmer and agricultural laborer!
Best to you,

Jenny Hu said...

Hi Jean, I'm the Principal of Fox Valley Chinese School, we are founded this year, our first semester will start in Sept. Since Beijing Olympics is going on right now, I see a lot of interest in the Chinese culture and language. I don't know if you would be interested to feature Olympics or Chinese Culture in your show? Please feel free to contact me at or 920-751-3584. You can also visit us online at
Thank you,

Jenny Hu said...

Oops.. obviously I didn't read your post close enough before I left the comment. Seems like you are featuring Olympics this Thursday? Please let me know if you'd like any additional information.

Jean Feraca, Here On Earth: Radio Without Borders said...

Hi Kevin, I like your idea. Unfortunately, the Fantome Farm people (who, by the way, have named one of their goats after me!) are not available. I'm still working on some other choices. Thanks so much for your suggestion. I hope it works out.