Friday, August 22, 2008

Aug 25-29 Programs

Hi Guys,

Hope you caught the show on The Girls of Riyadh. I had no idea what was going on behind those black abayas.

Here’s what’s in store for next week – and by the way, we still could use some help booking Food Friday.

Monday: What would Alaska sound like if it were a symphony? Composer John Luther Adams creates music inspired by the Alaskan landscape. Glacial cool?

Tuesday: Sometimes it really is All In The Family. Sadia Shepard, a young Indian American filmmaker, grew up in a Muslim/ Christian household made even more complicated by the revelation that her Pakistani grandmother was actually Jewish! So let’s see – that makes her a Jewish Christian Muslim Hindu, right? Her parents tell her, “You choose.”

Wednesday: Did the Beijing Olympics change your mind about China? Let us know before Wednesday and we can use your comments to lead off this show. Guests are two NPR reporters, one who was willing to get up for us at 4:30am in Beijing. Send comments to; or post them on my blog, or the brand new The Blog Without Borders. You’ll find a link to it on the front page of Better yet, leave your comments at our Here on Earth hotline: 608- 890-0269. Very cool.

Thursday: Neal Karlen makes a command second appearance, this time to talk about the way Yiddish has been used in movies. A great end of summer HoE program. Your reward for hanging in there with us.

And once again we have no Food Friday program booked yet, although Carmen is working on Comfort Food for Breakups.

Thanks for all your help, especially you, Kevin, for suggesting the cheese makers.

This Open Sourcing stuff is really fun. I’m only sorry it took me so long to get the hang of it.




Kevin said...

Me again. (Hope you won't get tired of my offering sugestions.) Here's an idea that's slightly ridiculous ... but ... if you were able to do it, I think you would have tremendous fun.
Do you remember the imaginary meal that a number of chefs created for Thanksgiving (?) on NPR's Morning Edition? (Or perhaps it was a weekend show instead...)
Why don't you and your staff and friends (especially Molly and John) prepare a dish to 'serve' on the air. The key would be that it would have to reflect a person's ethnic heritage. Can you imagine all the callers who would want to share their dish with the radio audience? One wouldn't give a recipe, but tantalizing descriptions would be required!
Kinda crazy, no?

Kevin said...

"Every Thanksgiving since 1993, through the miracle of audio editing, Morning Edition host Bob Edwards brings together the creme de la creme of cookery for a fantasy holiday feast. This year's celebrity chef potluck features Julia Child, Maida Heatter, Paul Prudhomme and Wolfgang Puck -- and one would-be party crasher."

Here is the link to Bob Edwards's Fantasy Thanksgiving segment from Morning Edition:
I encourage everyone to link and listen!

Jean Feraca, Here On Earth: Radio Without Borders said...

Hi Kevin,

The funny thing about your suggeston is that it seems to me that every conversation about food on the radio seems to me to be imaginary. That said, I'll check it out.

Kevin said...

Just saw the topic for Friday and it sounds great! And important too. I'll be sure to listen.